Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Speaking of little birds...

Bailey found this little bird in the yard Saturday morning. He must have fallen out his mother's nest.

I put him in a box so the dogs couldn't get him and waited, hoping his mother would come - but she never came. I even hung him up in a tree in this little basket, like some internet bird person suggested, but the daredevil just kept diving out - which explains how he got there in the first place.

Next I called Manteca Animal Control, the city office that helps people deal with the few species that, annoyingly, have managed to survive us and continue to inhabit our city. Turns out their method of "controlling" this half-ounce baby bluebird is to "put it to sleep."

Long story short, I am now Birdie's Surrogate Mommy. I read online that Birdie would like canned dog food, and that's very true. Here's a video of him eating.

Some people are telling me this birdie's a goner - that because he's missing vital Mama Bird interactions, he's not going to know how to fly or eat or anything. (I must admit, the fact that he was throwing himself out of his nest does suggest that he's already missing a few birdie marbles.)

But my fingers are crossed that he gets nice and strong and flies off into the sunset. Please send good birdie vibes my way.


Christopher said...

That video is so cute it should be illegal.

I want a bird, too.

Tim said...

Your new baby creeps me out. I was surprised at the sheer quantity of dog food he/she can eat in one gulp. I think you better watch out -- soon you'll be that woman who has a wild dingo, a bird on a leash, and six cats. It's a slippery slope Dr. Doolittle, a slippery slope.

Sarah said...

Sorry guys, I guess video's down for all of Blogger. Check back though. Seriously, it's something.

Tanya said...

Just so you know, this makes you a crazy bird lady. If you start wearing all purple I will be seriously concerned. Also, dogs? Is there more than one?

Anonymous said...

Awww...I remember rescuing a baby cardinal way back when with Moira. We found a nice bird rehab lady - too bad they don't seem to have one in your neck of the woods. Good luck! -Mel