Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Next blog

You hit on some real treasures when you hit the "Next Blog" button on Blogger. Like this one, entitled "Lovalicious," which I suspect to be the diary of a Singaporean whore.

"My mornin sucks out......

Its early in e mornin!!!! hav u guys ever been screw up by some ignorant fellow jus bcos u say out their full name bcos tt fellow had been messin wid u e whole damn mornin?????!!!!!

Its so unfair when u gt angry n tt fellow tells u nt to be n u mus listen!!! Cant those nightmare guys out ther pls spare a tot fer poor girls lik us?? Being screwp in e middle of MRT stn...Goshhh... Its in Public!!!! n we cant get upset n even hav to xplain to those morons y we're upset n tone dwn ourselves..... I hav a qns... Imagine a young boy been bitten by an animal, do u quickly help wash up n tk care of e wound or qns e poor boy "Y DO U GO AND PLAY WID TT ANIMAL???" Isnt it a logic??? Haix....Actually am v happy n energetic cos tml is payday.... Now?? Jus wans to be emo n alone...................."

Not sure you get it? Neither was Gin-ny, who comments

"babe, cheer up. thou i dun really know wat are you talking about. lol. =) love you, gin"

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Elizabeth said...

You're not making working in a cubicle very easy as I keep bursting out laughing when I read your blog.