Friday, May 16, 2008

Little Bird

Technology's not really my thing. My brain likes to wander off in the other direction when faced with instruction manuals, more than two cords, or long series of characters and slashes.

I am so inept at these things, in fact, that I have been unable to outfit my blog with a cute-as-a-button audio player, described by numerous websites as "simple!"

For now - in an effort to get some music on here - I'll add a couple downloadable mp3s of my favorite songs. I hope you'll give a listen, and in return tell me about any new (or new to me) musicians I might like.

To start: If you want to hear something a little bit heartbreaking on this sunny Friday, check out "Little Bird" by The Weepies, a lovely-but-queasy little number off their new album.

I've been listening to this track nonstop, which I am wont to do when I hit on a song I really love. It reminds me of a ragged old woman that I sometimes see sitting on the sidewalk of a major thoroughfare in town. She sits in a wheelchair, perfectly still, staring at nothing. No one ever goes near her. She's on the short list of people I'd really like to talk to before I leave here.

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