Monday, June 2, 2008

That's a conversation stopper

Interview faux pas, #76:

Her: Both my parents died when I was 18, so...
Me: Both your parents died when you were 18? How did that happen?
Her: Murder-suicide. My mother tried to leave my father, so he shot her and then he shot himself.

(awkward pause)

Me: So that must've been rough.


Eden From Sweden said...

"How did that happen?"


"So, you know how to use InDesign?"



"So you're saying you're comfortable covering both murders and weddings?"

Sarah said...

Ha! Not that kind of interview, fortunately. The reporter kind.

Perreti said...

What a difficult situation for you... but what a painful event for her. We complain too much, and many times we do it for insignificant facts. Life can be really hard.